Tips For Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

When you want to maintain the carpets in your home or business, it is essential to call a company that has knowledgeable technicians. Using the wrong cleansers or equipment on carpets can damage the fibers or backing. It is also vital to have carpets dried right away to prevent foul odors from mildew or having mold grow in the fibers. If you have never hired a carpet-cleaning company before, then there are several ways to find the best technicians for your needs.

Tip 1: Seek Recommendations From Friends or Business Associates

Talk to your friends and business associates about the carpet-cleaning companies that they hire. Some of the information that you will want to know about is if the technicians arrived promptly for a scheduled appointment and if they acted in a professional manner. In some cases, you need to hire a company that provides service at night or on the weekends so that you won’t need to close a law firm or medical office during the day.

Tip 2: Is the Carpet-cleaning Company Licensed In Your Region?

Verify that the carpet-cleaning company is licensed in your region. You can usually find licensing information at an online website, but you can also call a government office to determine if the company is registered. In addition to licensing information, you can learn if the company has any major complaints against it from previous customers.

Tip 3: Does the Company Have Insurance and Bonding?

You will want to hire a company that has bonding and insurance. When the carpet-cleaning company has insurance, you can avoid a lawsuit for a technician’s injuries caused by a fall. Alternatively, bonding will protect you financially when a technician damages something on your property. Bonding will also protect you from problems such as the theft of valuable items, including jewelry or electronics.

Tip 4: Can You Receive a Written Estimate For Services?

While you might receive an advertisement in the mail for low-cost services from a carpet-cleaning company, it is possible that the technicians will increase the cost of the job after arriving at a commercial or residential property. Determine if the company can send a technician to your business or home to inspect the carpets before providing a written estimate for services.

Tip 5: Do the Technicians Understand How To Provide Specialty Services?

If you need specialty services for particular types of carpet fibers such as silk or wool, then make sure that the carpet-cleaning company has the correct cleansers and equipment for the job. You may also need specialty services such as removing extra debris from high traffic areas near doorways, or you might need to have unpleasant pet odors removed from a building’s carpets.