Knowing what buyers expect while surveying your home can raise the chances of selling your house without a hassle. You should undertake several tasks in order to have your home ready for the market. But that’s not the only reason to why you should perform these duties. Primarily, keeping the house clean sustains the environment. For moral and environmental reasons, you should employ cleaning techniques to prep up your home before you transfer the ownership to a new caretaker. Cleanliness implies the premises have been well looked after and this spares you any negative scrutiny from potential buyers. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially the target of scrutiny. These two spots also reveal your hygiene concerns and practices. So, what are the tasks you should get around to before allowing any visitors in?

1. Repaint the walls, remove any stains and cover scratched walls. If you think you don’t have the budget to paint the walls, you can try your best to scrub the walls with detergents and remove the stains by using stain removers.

2. Clean rugs, carpets and mats if you’re intend to leave them behind. Try to eliminate stains from the carpet as much as you can. Disinfect the rooms, especially the bathroom.

3. Tidy up each room, line up boxes neatly if there are any. Empty out cabinets, closets and the garage and wipe them clean of any stains or residue collected on the surface of the shelves or doors. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company if these tasks appear to daunting to undertake on your own.

4. Get rid of clutter. Potential buyers usually do not see past dirt and litter. Having too many things displayed or scattered makes the house appear smaller and buyers can be put off by a lack of space. Keep the basement and the attic unoccupied and as spacious as possible. Usually, things lying around in places of the house that are less frequented can accumulate dirt and debris. Therefore, the less stuff you have at the time of moving out, the cleaner those places will be.

5. Get any repair needed in time before you hand over the keys. Replace broken hardware throughout your home or remove them entirely. Spend inexpensively on fixtures and replace old fixtures and doorknobs. This will lend a clean and tidy look to your home. Installing low flow fixtures everywhere in the house makes the functionality of these hardware popular, by having people realize the importance of conserving resources.

6. Install new bulbs that provide appropriate lighting. You can also use accent lighting to highlight specific areas in the home, such as artwork or any other attractive points.

7. Pay all your utility bills and any pending charges or fines.

8. Make sure you’ve inspected the house for any hazards. Doing so does not only ensure the safety of all occupants and visitors but also prevents you from being slammed with lawsuits resulting from negligence by clients who get hurt in the process of surveying.

9. Keep your grass in the backyard and front yard mowed and the yards well maintained.

10. If you’re a pet owner, make sure you always pick up after your pet and no pet waste is left visible to the public or any visitors.


Also check out a professional carpet cleaning for more help before you put your home on the market.