How to clean kitchen cabinets – landlord kitchen cleaning tips
We’ve been working with Harriet, owner of Calm Oasis Cleaners and Simply Business customer, to create a series of DIY videos to help your rental property sparkle for its next viewing.

Kitchen cabinets can often be overlooked in favour of the really noticeable features like hobs, ovens, and sinks. However, discerning tenants are likely to check your cabinets to check if they would be happy storing their food and utensils in them.

We’ve broken down how to clean kitchen cabinets into 6 easy steps:
1. Spray your cabinets with a multi-surface cleaner to help shift any gunk on them
2. Spray your cloth, as well, before getting to work removing built up dirt
3. Make sure to clean the top of the cabinets as this is where grease can collect
4. Wipe down with a dry rag to remove any residue
5. Mix half distilled vinegar with half water and spray on the cabinets before buffing with your rag to make your cabinets shine
6. If you have any moulding or other shaping on your cabinets, you can use a toothbrush to clean the crevices

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