When you vacuum your carpets and clean your upholstery, you might not even be aware that fleas are hiding deep in those fibers. They enter the home by way of pets and look for warm dark places to breed. If left untreated you could have hundreds of fleas within a very short period of time in the home. Our professional team at Universal Maintenance and Cleaning have years experience at treating and removing those fleas from all areas of the home.

The reason the fleas are so hard to get rid of is because they are impossible to see and they hid in your furniture. Not too many people vacuum their furniture often, and those eggs only need a short period of time to begin to spread. Your pet will act like a carrier, bringing the fleas inside from when they play outside. As soon as your pet sits or even rubs up against a couch, the fleas look for a safe place they can hide.

Our team at Universal Maintenance and Cleaning will treat your carpet and furniture with our organic cleaning solutions, tough enough to kill the fleas but never harm your belongings. It is important to use the proper equipment too because the fleas are so tiny they can easily escape a canister vacuum when turned off.

The end result after our team has treated your home is there will be no more fleas hiding and breeding. Your pets will simply need a flea collar or treatment to protect them, and then you can take back control of your home.