Many individuals use a professional cleaner for any upholstered furniture. This is generally necessary every one to two years due to pet dander, food particles, soil, and various debris becoming trapped within the upholstery. This will cause stains, odors, discoloration, and can breed mold, and bacteria. A certified technician will remove any foreign materials, and restore the piece to the original color, and appearance.

The treatment used for the upholstery depends on the material it was made with. The treatment for an upholstery sofa is basic, and begins by the receiving a deep vacuum. This removes any lose soil from the sofa. The technician then uses a deep treatment using either encapsulation, or steam technology. Both treatments effectively remove the soil trapped deeply into the sofa. The result is a fresh clean look, a nice smell, and an improved appearance. The risk of bacteria, or mold in the sofa is greatly reduced.

Another popular material for a sofa is leather. Since leather is more fragile than upholstery, a different approach is required. Any loose dirt, or soil is removed by a certified professional, to prevent the leather from being scored or scratched later. Particles do not penetrate as deeply into leather as they do with upholstery. The surface of the leather is then washed by the technician using either water, and chemicals, or a gentle detergent. This is often followed up with a restorative oil to protect the leather, and improve the appearance. Since leather is technically a dried animal hide, regularly applying special conditioners, or oil will keep it supple.

The proper cleaning of both leather, and upholstered furniture should always be attended to by a certified professional. This is because they can both present their own set of complications, and once contaminants have deeply penetrated the upholstery, professional equipment is required for removal. A certified technician also does not need to use harsh chemicals in the elimination of odors, and stains so the furniture will not be discolored. Leather furniture especially requires extensive care, and experience is necessary for the job to be done correctly. Since leather is made from animal hides, every piece will have a different reaction to conditioners, and detergents.

Once the upholstery, or leather furniture has been professionally treated, and cleaned, all odors should be gone, the majority of stains should have been removed, and there is generally a noticeable difference in the appearance of the furniture.