Dusting your home is an important factor when it comes to having a clean home. Dust not only makes a house look bad, it can also trigger allergies, create stuffy or runny noses, and cause expensive electronics to not work properly. Dusting a home is easy to carry out and doesn’t a lot of time if you learn how to do it correctly. Below we have listed some of the best ways to dust your home that will give you a dust free home in no time.

Dusting Basics

If dusting on a regular basis is already occurring in your home than you will be able to get most the dusting done with a microfiber cloth or a soft cloth. By gently running the dry cloth over a lightly dusted surface, it will collect the dust within the cloths fibers preventing it from flying through the air. In addition, you can use a feather duster with an extended handle to dust high up surfaces such as shelves, ceiling fan blades, ceilings or ceiling corners, and along curtain rods. It’s important to remember that anytime you dust, you always dust from top to bottom. If you dust from bottom to top, the dust up above will fall back down on the lower surfaces that you previously cleaned.

However, if dusting hasn’t occurred recently, you will need to put a small amount of water on the microfiber or soft cloth before you begin dusting a surface. This is because a thick layer of dust will not properly stick into the cloths fibers. Leaving the dust to fly into the air and getting dust on surfaces surrounding it. You never want to spray water directly on the surface you are cleaning. This could cause furniture to have water spots or damage in internal parts of electronics making them not work correctly.

Deep Cleaning

For homes that need a deep clean, there are several ways to do it. First, before dusting a surface you should always remove all the items from it. Dust each separate item and then the surface area before putting the items back on it. If you have small spaces such as vents or keyboards that are dusty, you can use a dry or slightly damp Q-tip to reach those otherwise unreachable places. Moreover, there are some surfaces that you can use special cleaners to dust them instead of water. You can dust wood surfaces by using a wood polish or wood cleaner sprayed directly on the cloth. For glass surfaces, windex or other forms of glass cleaner are great for dusting the surfaces. Be sure to use the proper cleaner for the right surfaces to avoid damaging wood or causing streaky glass.

Another great way to keep dust under control is to have your carpets deep cleaned regularly. The best way to do this is is to hire a professional company such as a carpet cleaner in St. Augustine, FL.