Is your home slowly becoming a dust-filled mess? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that suffers from a dirty home. To help you get started on cleaning your home, here are the best ways to dust your home.

1. Don’t Feel Embarrassed

At some point or another, your home is going to get dirty, it’s nothing to feel ashamed of. Especially in older homes, where windows and doors aren’t as tightly sealed around the frame, dust is bound to start collecting in your home. However, if you’re noticing an especially large amount of dust buildup, we suggest that you take a few steps of action, such as changing the filters in your AC units, cleaning out your furnace, and using sealant caulk on your windows and doors.

2. Work With the Best Tools

A dusting cloth or dusting brush is a great, easy to use tool to help clean dust off surfaces in your home. Extension wand dusters are especially important to use when dusting a hard to reach space, such as the top of cabinets. However, we suggest you avoid feather dusters altogether, since they usually just end up moving dust around, rather than actually collecting it.

3. Start High

Begin your dusting routine with the ceiling fan. Then, work your way lower until you reach the floor.

4. Schedule Time to Dust

Consider making weekly, monthly, and yearly dusting schedules. This way, the dust in your home will never get too out of hand.

5. Dust Everything

No matter what it is made from, every object in your home can collect dust. Even fabric products (see more below) will need to be cleaned in hot water to remove dust and dirt.

6. Wet Your Rag

When dusting, dampen your rag or microfiber cloth with a little bit of water.

7. HEPA Filters

Get a vacuum cleaner that comes with a HEPA filter. To reduce dust in your home, you should also purchase a HEPA air purifier with allergen filters.

8. Wash Fabrics

Linens, curtains, and other fabrics also collect dust and allergens. You should get them cleaned regularly. You should also purchase allergen-proof covers for your mattress and pillows. Also, schedule your rugs to be deep cleaned professionally every year.

9. Dusting Electronics

Some electronics like TVs and computer screens give off a lot of static electricity, which then attracts a lot of dust. Avoid spraying your appliances with any type of product. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to wipe them down.

10. Purchase a Door Mat

Around 80 percent of dirt gets into a home by being tracked in on shoes. Put down a door mat and clean it regularly to reduce the amount of dirt in your home.

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