Choosing the right vacuum clearer is important, and dependent on the needs of the individual home. Specialized attachments are handy when the home has high ceilings, ceiling fans, or complex light features. These attachments will provide the flexibility, and reach to perform well for this type of job.

Another consideration is carpeted stairs. The best way to vacuum stairs is with a canister because using attachments, or an upright can be awkward. For homes without stairs, and a smooth carpeting, an upright vacuum will work very well. Many homes have a combination of flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting, and areas rugs. Depending on the fibers of the rugs, and the type of traffic, specific canisters are available.

When the carpet is made of a synthetic fiber, and there are high traffic areas, a vacuum with aggressive bristles will work best. This type of vacuum uses stiff, dense bristles, and a beater bar so the dirt is removed from the carpet. Hair from dogs, or cats requires an aggressive vacuum. For a home with relatively low-traffic, a less aggressive vacuum will work extremely well.

The type of carpet in the home is vital in the choice of a vacuum. Most modern carpet is constructed from synthetic fibers, is durable, and can easily withstand an aggressive vacuum without damaging the fibers. Natural fibers require a gentler vacuum. Many Oriental area rugs are made of wool, and a gentle vacuum is necessary to prevent damage. The bristles should be forgiving, flexible, and not as densely packed to prevent premature wear, and a fuzzing effect. This type of carpet is best cleaned with a carpet tool using only suction.

Area rugs made of bamboo, jute, leather, sea grass, and sisal are woven, and durable. Despite this, their construction still requires softer bristles. Most rugs have care instructions from the manufacturer to help narrow down the best type of vacuum. Following these instructions will help your rug stay in optimal condition for much longer.

The general rule is for rugs, and carpeting made of a synthetic fiber, use an aggressive vacuum. This can be either an upright, or a canister. When rugs, or carpeting are constructed of natural fibers, or wool, forgiving, and flexible bristles combine with a power brush will properly clean without causing damage to the fibers. The more flexible, and soft bristles are usually available on a canister vacuum, although there are uprights with the same features.  If you need a professional cleaner in cleveland check our Rejuva Clean.