Fall is an excellent time to deep clean your home and prepare for the holiday season. Over the course of the summer, plenty of dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens are brought indoors and settle into carpet and furniture, leaving noses and sinuses irritated long after the heat has faded into a refreshing autumn breeze.


These eight tips will help you rejuvenate your space so your home feels blissfully clean and refreshing as the new season settles in.


Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner


Although you can do plenty of good work on your own with the right vacuum and steam cleaner, a professional carpet cleaning service is the best way to preserve your floors and ensure that all of the dirt, pet hair and allergens lurking in the fibers are thoroughly removed.


Many carpet cleaning companies offer special deals during the fall and winter that allow you to clean your whole house for an incredibly low price. If you hire a professional now, you’ll be able to maintain the clean carpet throughout fall.


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Scrub the Walls


Turn your attention to your walls now so they can be spic and span for autumn. Cleaning walls can be tricky in some homes, especially when you realize that your paint is coming off on the sponge. Make sure you use a gentle cleaner, non-abrasive cloth and some lukewarm water.


When cleaning your walls, make sure that you keep the cleaning cloth damp, not soaked, to avoid permeating the walls and leaving excess moisture that creates water stains or leads to mold growth.


Get the Roof Checked


Having a professional roof inspection and gutter cleaning will ensure your home is ready for the fall weather. Storms, falling leaves, and eventual snow can cause far more damage than necessary if you haven’t had your roof and gutters properly assessed. This fall to-do list will also save you money in the fall as roof repairs can prevent heat loss that raises energy bills.


Get the Dog Groomed


A professional grooming will remove dirt and excess fur from your pet’s undercoat to reduce shedding throughout the fall. While your dog is at the groomer’s, you’ll be able to thoroughly clean their bedding and the carpets with some pet deodorizers to make sure the house is smelling as fresh as they are by the time they’re ready to come home.


Take Care of the Lawn


Mow the grass, cut any overgrown shrubs and trees and tend to your garden. Autumn is the best time to plant spring bulbs, so if you want to have a lovely, landscaped home for your guests to see as they arrive throughout the holiday season, now is the time. Don’t forget to add your decorations after you’ve raked, mowed and clipped any foliage!


Clean the Curtains


Make sure you remove your curtains and wash them; dust, danger and bacteria can gather in the fabric, lowering your indoor air quality and contributing to pesky home odors. You may even want to swap your curtains to a heavier, thermal fabric that can retain more heat as the weather becomes colder.


Get the Vents Cleaned


Replace your HVAC’s air filter, and call your local contractor to have a professional cleaning done. Moisture leads to bacteria build-up, and it will be difficult to keep your house smelling clean if your heater is blowing dirty air.


Focus on Social Areas First


Clean your living room, kitchen, dining room, main bathroom and guest rooms first. The places you and company will spend the most time should be addressed now so you aren’t scrambling to declutter and clean up before an event.


Fall is a wonderful time to gather friends and family over, and you can destress any event by making sure your home’s most popular areas are always clean, neat and tidy.