Reading and writing reviews about companies has never been easier due to the power of the internet. If you need a home contractor, a mechanic, and even a simple dog walker you can use the internet to find a person to complete this task and verify that they are the real deal. But with reviews, anyone can write them. For example, what if that review of the restaurant you are considering dining at states that the place is horrible, but the person that wrote that review was just having a bad day and wanted to take it out on the restaurant? This conflict has stumped the business world on how they should handle them. Here are 5 things you should look for in a good google review.

1. If the review is large that is a good sign. Many reviews online that are only a few sentences long or even a sentence long as “That place sucks!” are generally not very good reviews and should not be considered very factual. Writers that have multi-paragraph reviews should be more trusted because they actually took the time out of their day to type up the review.

2. If the review is detailed that’s another good sign. This correlates with number 1 in that if the length is good and detailed then it is a good review. Details also verify that the writer actually used the product or service described.

3. If the review mentions physical attributes such as the restaurant has a certain lighting or style scheme the review is generally a good one. This verifies that the customer actually went to the place of business. A reviewer that can not mention the physical features probably did not even go to the place in the first place and is just spamming.

4. Look for a verified purchase icon. Several companies like Amazon are now allowing reviewers to verify that they actually bought the product and the review is genuine. This is huge considering fake reviews are becoming big business on the internet.

5. The last point is a simple question: Is this review emotion or fact-driven? When reading a review it is good to decide if the reviewer sounds emotional. A good example of this is if the reviewer is using explanation points a lot in the review it is generally not a very trustworthy review.

There are 5 tips on what to look for in a review. Next time you need to see how a product or service is going, feel free to use them!  These same things apply to even selecting a cleaning business for your home.