No matter what your living condition is, one thing everyone is sure to gain around their house or apartment is dust. Dust is inevitable. However, the more you clean and the better effort put forth in keeping things clean, the less dust there is to collect. Below are four of the best ways to keep your living space sparkling and keep the dust bunnies out:

Deep Cleaning
Set a time, set a day and get to cleaning! Bring out all the cleaning supplies under the sink and get to scrubbing hard. Clean every corner, focusing on every spot dust is usually collected. Do tasks like dusting off furniture items outside, washing bedding materials, clean things like ceiling fans, air conditioning vents, and any spots home owners would not usually think to clean. Be thorough in your cleaning execution and make sure to get all the dust. Deep cleaning may take some time but the end result will be awesome!

Vacuum the Crib
Vacuums are known as one of the top cleaning maintenance tool out there. When the floors of house are hit with a vacuum often, dust tends to make its way out of the cleaned area. Carpets are incubators for dust given its attaching fabric, so the use of a vacuum could easily make the dust bunnies run away. Vacuums are easy to use, inexpensive and very effective when it comes to cleaning – especially if you have a carpet in your house.

Keep the Floor Clean
Clutter piled up on the floor for long periods of time are a no-no when attempting to put a guard up against dust. Simply by reducing the amount of items on the floor, it also lessens the amount of dust accumulated over time. Home owners often believe cleaning around the area solves the problem but in fact the problem remains until things are completely removed from the floor.

Use The Right Cleaning Materials
Using the right materials to clean dust is essential. Using tools like feather dusters could cause even more problems while cleaning. Feather dusters don’t collect all of the dust, it just leads it to set up shop elsewhere. However, tools like vacuums, wet cloths, or specific surface cleaners are great for the ultimate cleaning.

There you have it. Four terrific ways dust your home and give it a fresh and clean vibe.

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