Super Clean Your Windshield… Super Fast!
If you saw our original video about super cleaning your windshield, here’s a way to do it super fast, even with a really big windshield like the one on our RV.

Regardless of what type of vehicle you drive…. motorhome, pick-up truck or car, this tip will quickly make your windshield cleaner and clearer.

We’re not paid to promote Invisible Glass, but we LOVE it. We’ve been using it for years, and it’s better than any other glass cleaner on the market. The Rain Repellent version is like adding in Rain-X, but without all the rubbing! Just spray on and wipe off for the same clarity and beading action. To find Invisible Glass with Rain Repellent by Stoner Inc. online, click the following link:

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Click here for 0000 steel wool:

From a distance our big, tall windshield might look clean, but when you take a closer look, you’ll see that getting all of the bugs off can be difficult, especially at the top of a large, hard-to-reach windshield.

This is where our 0000 steel wool comes in. That’s the extra-fine variety with the four zeros on the package, commonly used to refinish fine furniture. After our first video about using steel wool on the windshield, we got lots of questions about the potential for scratching the glass. Glass is harder than steel wool and won’t scratch, but if it will make you more comfortable, try it in a discreet corner first. 😉 You’ll simply be polishing the glass with the steel wool, to remove any bugs, road tar and tree sap.

Then it’s time to apply one of our favorite products: Invisible Glass with Rain Repellent. It goes on like any ordinary window cleaner, but it makes water bead right off by sealing the pores in the glass. When driving down the highway, you can see right through the beads of water as they whisk off the windshield. Sometimes wipers aren’t needed at all, even in pouring rain.

Simply spray it on and wipe it off with paper towels, newspaper or a clean rag… whichever you prefer. It’s best to do this in the shade, but I shot this in bright sunshine for better video quality. If you apply Invisible Glass to a hot windshield in direct sunshine like I did here, you might get a few streaks, because it evaporates so quickly in the heat. Just buff with a soft cloth for a crystal clear shine.

Thoroughly cleaning and treating your windshield increases the clarity of the glass and helps water bead off when driving in the rain or snow. This increases visibility, making all of your vehicles safer on the road.

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