My Bathroom Cleaning Routine | Clean with Me
Clean with me! This is my full bathroom cleaning routine for a sparkling clean bathroom!
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15 Minute Morning Cleaning Routine:

My New Whole House Cleaning Routine (how I break up my cleaning throughout the week):

Weekly Cleaning Routine (when I used to clean the whole house in one day):

All My Cleaning Routines Combined (morning routine, zone cleaning, nighttime routine):

Nighttime Cleaning Routine:

Zone Cleaning:

Zone 1 Kitchen:

Zone 2 Finishing the Kitchen, Dining Room and Breakfast Nook:

Zone 3 Bathroom:

Zone 4 Master Bedroom and Closet:

Zone 5 Living Room, Entryway, Patio and Porch:

Zone 6 Kids’ Bedrooms and Bathroom:

Zone 7 Desk, Paperwork, Office:

If you’ve never done zone cleaning before or if you have a lot of clutter you’d like to tackle first, I recommend following my Clean and Organized Home Challenge first. It’s similar to zone cleaning, but you’ll spend a couple weeks in each zone getting rid of clutter first and then deep cleaning. You can find all of the videos in my Clean and Organized Home Challenge in this playlist:

If you like cleaning and organizing videos, check my Cleaning and Organizing Playlist:

I have zone cleaning videos from my previous home, too. You can find them all in my Zone Cleaning Playlist:

10 Habits for Keeping a Clean and Organized Home:

10 Tips for Keeping a Clean and Organized Home with Kids:

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