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Indian Kitchen Deep Cleaning Routine | Diwali Kitchen Deep Cleaning Tips

This diwali, clean your kitchen like a pro. In this video I have share 20 steps and 5 tips for a complete Diwali kitchen cleaning. I have covered how to clean gas stove, how to clean hard water stains from kitchen tiles, diy kitchen cleaner and similar easy diwali kitchen cleaning tips. If you found it helpful do not forget to share with friends and family.

5 Tips Before Staring The Deep Cleaning-

1. Have a clean slate
2. Start from left, then to right
3.Start from top, then to bottom
4. Spread an old bed sheet
5. Prepare food before starting the cleaning process.


20 Step-By-Step Process For A Complete Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Step 1: Clean & Service Appliances
Step 2 : Clean Racks & Cabinets
Step 3 : Lining Cabinet Shelves
Step 4 : Wash Containers & Baskets
Step 5 : Reorganize or Rearrange shelves
Step 6 : Clean Cabinet Doors inside/outside
Step 7 : Clean Top Of Cabinet
Step 8 : Diwali- Best Time To Purge
Step 9 : Move Appliances & Clean
Step 10 : Clean Bottom Part Of Drawer
Step 11 : Clean Under Cabinet shelf
Step 12 : Clean Switch Boards & Wires
Step 13 : Clean kitchen Tiles & Fixtures
Step 14 : Clean Window and grills
Step 15 : Deep Clean Water Purifiers
Step 16 : Clean Kitchen Lights
Step 17 : Clean Kitchen Fan
Step 18 : Clean Under Gas Stove
Step 19 : Deep Clean Kitchen Sink
Step 20 : Wash Kitchen Floor


kitchen cleaning brush-
Scotch-Brite Handy Scrubber Brush-
Scotch-Brite Sponge Wipe-
Twist N Pick Organizer-


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