How to clean and polish car exhaust tips
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In this tutorial video, we wash, clean, steel wool and polish the exhaust tips of a BMW M3 before applying a protective sealant on the metal for a longer-lasting shine. Prior to our cleaning, these exhaust tips were almost black with carbon build-up and dirt. After, you’ll see how perfectly bright the beautiful chrome tips look.

Recommended products for cleaning and polishing your car’s exhaust tips:

1Z Einszett W99 All-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
Chemical Guys Grime Reaper All-Purpose Cleaner
P21S Polishing Soap

P21S Finish Restorer
Chemical Guys Metal Shine
Sonus Aluminum Sealant
Blackfire Metal Sealant

Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt (black)
Daytona Speed Master Brush Junior
Daytona Speed Master Brush (large)
Buff & Shine Steel Wool
Round Microfiber Applicator
Value Microfiber Towel (yellow)

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