How to clean a car | Shell Motoring Tips
This video is a step-by-step guide on how to clean a car.

Having a shiny clean car is not only hugely satisfying but it’ll also help to keep your car’s paintwork in better condition for longer.

Make sure to check the weather forecast as the last thing you want is heavy rain when your car is covered in polish or wax.

Video summary:
1 – Get ready
2 – Washing
3 – Drying
4 – Polishing
5 – Buffing
6 – Waxing
7 – Tyres
8 – Vacuuming
9 – Trim
10 – Seats
11 – Mats

What you’ll need:
• Hose pipe
• Bucket warm water
• Car shampoo
• Sponge
• Cleaning cloths
• Chamois leather
• Microfibre cloths
• Trim cleaner
• Car polish
• Car wax
• Window cleaner
• Window blade
• Vacuum cleaner
• Gloves
Useful to have:
• Pressure washer
• Alloy wheel brush

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