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In this video, Sahara Coins share their coin collecting tips on what not to do when it comes to coin cleaning. There’s nothing wrong with cleaning coins, but there are coins that just should not be cleaned.

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Sahara Coins, one of the nations largest and most respected brokers of rare coins, bullion and extraordinary historic collectibles. We have been fulfilling the needs, want-lists and portfolio requirements of sophisticated collectors and investors both local and worldwide since 1975. Whether buying or selling, all of our directors and employees share a passion and respect for numismatics and for upholding the reputation of impeccable fairness and integrity we have built over many years. Our clients are our most valued asset, and as your consumer advocate we can discreetly guide you in making the most informed decisions when building a collection that is both an exceptional numismatic cabinet and a wisely-selected valuable tangible asset portfolio.

We believe in making each client The Educated Collector. Our goal is to share with you our wealth of information regarding the rare coin and collectibles market and enable you to utilize our expertise, financial strength and reputation to maximize your informational advantage and buying power when assembling your collection or portfolio.

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