Bathing Guinea Pigs: Information, Products and Handy Tips!
How I bath my piggies, the products I use and recommend and helpful advice about bathing guinea pigs in general!

* Many owners choose not to bath their piggies, this is perfectly fine – they do not enjoy the experience and many short haired breeds are perfectly capable of keeping themselves clean. However, longer hair can become dirty easily and bathing can help keep the hair and skin in a good clean condition, especially around the butt area! I also find it useful for removing any mats which might have developed unnoticed. Bathing is also useful to rid the hair of dead parasites after treatment and for treating any skin conditions.

WHAT YOU NEED: Shampoo, towels, a bath/sink/washing up bowl, a cup or something similar to help pour water over the piggie.

THE WATER: Should be luke warm, no deeper then 2 inches or about 5cm

THE SHAMPOO: Always use one formulated for guinea pigs. Even then, some “guinea pig shampoos” can contain controversial ingredients. I recommend Gorgeous Guineas! Follow the link for a host of information on guinea pig skin problems and detailed information on their various anti parasitic, anti fungal and conditioning shampoos.

KEEPING STRESS LEVELS DOWN: Guinea pigs usually hate being in the water and will often struggle, making things harder for you. Try relaxing them by pausing and taking things slower, or letting them sit with their front paws out of the water (this helps a lot with my piggies). If they will not stay calm (like Sprite) you may have to try and get it over with quickly! Remember to always completely wash out the shampoo though. It may also help to wash them in the bath, that way they cannot see an escape route and will give up trying to jump out. I wouldn’t recommend washing them in the sink, especially if there is no counter, piggies can leap unexpectedly which could be fatal for them if they fall onto the floor.

DRYING: Pigs kept outside should be completely dry before being returned to their hutch. Indoor piggies can go back to their cage semi dry. Keep their surroundings warm for them by turning up the heating to avoid them catching a chill from being damp. Rub them with a towel to get most of the water off – they might enjoy this, my piggies seem to! Vibrating is normal, they do this because they are nervous and didn’t like the bath, not because they are cold. You can use a hair dryer, coldest and gentlest setting, not too close to their skin or face.

Useful summary!

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