Have Some Space!

When you live in a small home or an apartment, you’ll always need more space. Luckily, you can easily organize your belongings to expand your living area. With less clutter, you’ll feel even better about the space in your house. We’ve compiled our five favorite organization tips to give you more room at home.

Five Organization Tips to Save Space in Your House

1. Vacuum seal your winter wear!

When the seasons change, so does your wardrobe. Invest in vacuum seal bags to compress your winter jackets and blankets into a tidy storage space and place them on your closet shelves. You’ll save room in your bureau and can open the bags with ease again when the months get chilly.

2. Decide what you really need.

This trick to save space is handy for moving as well! Simply grab three cardboard boxes and label them “Keep,” “Donate,” and “Trash.” Take a day to organize your room and donate anything in good condition to a charity and throw away your trash. Your “Keep” pile can then be put away.

3. Utilize your existing storage.

There are so many DIY tips for organization using objects you already have in your home. For example, hang necklaces or ties on a clothes hanger and settle books in your entertainment center along with your DVDs. Ta-da!

4. Look to unused spaces.

Homes come with a variety of secret spots for storage. You may have an unused cupboard under your stairs that can easily hold shoes and coats. Place canned goods in your basement space for safekeeping. Take advantage of the shelves above your kitchen cupboards for nicknacks. The possibilities are endless!

5. Get creative!

Some handy items around your home can double in usage. A Mason jar is a great place for pens and makeup brushes. Vases can hold your change and keep it from piling up around the house. Even an empty cereal box can be opened to contain your magazines. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

It’s Time To Organize!

Now that you know our top secret tips to organize and save space in your home, you should be ready to do the job. Feel free to enlist a friend if you need help and a second opinion. You’ll be clearing out the clutter and expanding your room in no time. Happy cleaning!  If you need tips on carpet cleaning check out Mean Green Carpet Cleaners