Speed Cleaning Routine | Professional House Cleaning Procedures
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Anne-Marie, the House Cleaning Pro with your 60 second tips and tricks sound bite…

Speed cleaning is the key to earning more in your house cleaning business. A professional cleaner doesn’t have time to dawdle on the job. It’s your business and your time is money – one way to increase your income is to clean more houses. You can do this when you implement a professional speed cleaning routine.

Professional cleaners:

• Don’t waste time
• Don’t dawdle in the house
• Have a plan
• Never deviate from the plan

Cleaning as a profession is more difficult than you can imagine. Stop and think how you clean your own home. You know where everything is and you know the high traffic/usage areas. That makes it pretty easy, especially when you follow the same process each time you clean your own home.

One way to avoid backtracking and wasting of time in homes you’re not familiar with is to develop a plan for all the homes you service. This is a generic plan that is not floor-plan specific. It tells you where you are going to start cleaning and how you will progress from room-to-room.

http://housecleaningpro.net/4nhj – Click here to discover the exact procedures I developed and used in my residential cleaning business.