Roto Clipper How To Use your Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer Video On Cleaning The Blades
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Roto Clipper™ How To Video On Cleaning The Blades After Use.
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Roto Clipper™ Electric Nail Trimmer is the fast and easy way to trim and file your nails! The rotating Tungsten Alloy blade is recessed so they are safe to the touch and spins at 700 rpm giving nails a smooth, even finish every time! One side trims and the other files. The light on the trimming side helps for ensured accuracy. Removable head and included brush makes for easy cleaning. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

If your Roto Clipper’s blades need to be cleaned, follow these easy instructions.
Make sure the button is switched to the off position. Press both of the green
buttons located on either side of the
Roto Clipper and removed the head.
Using the included brush, clean any nail
scraps that are inside of the head.
When done, align the trimming side of the head with
the button on the face of the unit and
put the head back on. You are now able to
use your Roto Clipper again.

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