How To Eat Clean
How to eat clean. Easy step by step instructions for how to eat clean and how to get started today.

Transitioning to clean eating doesn’t have to be hard. In this video, I cover some basic tips and information that will send you on your way to better eating and better health. It will give you a basic overview of how to eat clean.

0:38 Why you should eat clean.
1:49 Different approaches to clean eating.
2:15 How often do you eat?
2:24 How to eat clean.
3:50 How to read nutrition labels.
4:13 Making mistakes.
4:39 Getting used to clean foods.
5:12 How to start transitioning your kitchen.

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How to stock your pantry for clean eating:

How To Convert Your Pantry To Clean Eating

How to read labels for clean eating:

Reading Labels For Clean Eating