How to Clean a Green Pool Part 1 of 2
In this video I show a fast and effective way to clean up a Green pool. If your pool is green this method is proven effective and the results will be amazing.


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I have used this method for several years and it is the only effective way. I show you the four steps needed: Brush the pool, clean the filter, run the pool for 24 hours and Super Chlorinate. You will be amazed at how effective this process is. You DO NOT need to drain your green pool. The only time you will need to drain a pool is if their is 1-2 inches of sediment (dirt, debris algae on the bottom) which is more like a pool left unattended for a year or more. Your average green pool can be cleaned without draining.

This pool is about 16,000 gallons. I probably could have gotten away with less chemicals, but it is better to overdue it then under do it.

If you have a D.E. filter, you can give it a quick 10 second backwash 30 minutes into the process if you notice the suction has dropped. Sometimes a D.E. filter will get clogged by all the Shock mixed with Algae waste. A quick backwash will do the trick (No D.E. needs to be added

Also, the main chemical that will kill the Algae is the Yewllowtrine. It is very important to use it. If you cannot locate the chemical under that name, look for the active ingredient: Sodium Bromide.

Here are the use instructions for Yellowtrine:

Yellow or Mustard Alage Removal :
Brush walls and floor areas affected by yellow algae.
Apply 4 oz. of Yellowtrine affected area as possible.
Super chlorinate by adding 1 gallon liquid chlorine or 1 lb.shock.

The SUPERSHOCK WAVE: is 73% Cal-Hypo (calcium hypochlorite). Please use an equivalent shock to get similar results.

The Chlorine used is 12.5% active Chlorine

This method really works. Try it and you will be amazed.

When I return the next day I will vacuum up any algae dust, brush the pool again and clean the filter.

I will also make sure the chlorine level is still high and keep it raised for a week or two to prevent any flare ups.


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