House Cleaning Tips and Tricks | The ultimate guide of speed cleaning secrets
House cleaning tips and tricks The Ultimate Guide of Speed Cleaning Secrets

Whether or not you actually have the time to get your cleaning done,
the odds are that you don’t want to spend all of your time on your
cleaning. We all have better things to do than scrubbing and polishing,
and this book understands exactly that. As the book’s author, Veronica
Bettencourt, explains “my goal in writing this book is to ensure that
your house is clean – yet functional.” In this vein, she has created a
book that allows you to live your life and enjoy your home, but also
keep it neat, clean, and attractive. Within its 71 electronic pages,
you will discover – room by room – how to houseclean in an effective
and efficient way, without sacrificing your life or the time you need
to do the things that you enjoy. This book isn’t designed to show you
how to turn your house into a showcase. What it does do is teach you
the tricks, techniques, and methods you require to get your house clean
in record time. Some of the topics it covers are: the cleaning supplies
you’ll need, secrets of speed cleaning that will work in any room,
avoiding and quickly managing tougher cleaning problems, controlling
clutter and getting organized (fast), seasonal cleaning, and a large
number of helpful tips, topics, and resources. Each of the book’s 5
chapters has been formatted and worded so that it is simple to
understand and remember the information, but is also practical for easy
reference when you need a quick reminder.
If you want to get your house clean, but don’t want to waste a lot of
time doing it, then you’ll find that The Ultimate Guide of Speed
Cleaning Secrets has just what you need to get the job done.

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