Grill Brush Instructions: How To Clean A BBQ
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In this brief video I demonstrate the easiest and fastest method to get your outdoor grill clean. This method is just the same for gas grills, charcoal grills, rotisserie grills and infrared grills.

You’ll need 2 things:

1) A good quality, heavy duty grill brush.
2) A container of water.

I use an Alpha Grillers T-shaped wire grill brush. It is a stainless steel brush with a sturdy wire shaft and a long plastic handle; this is useful as it lets you grip with two hands. It also has a convenient leather strap so you can hang it up. The stainless steel bristles won’t damage porcelain grill grates or cast iron grill grates and are stiffer than those on a brass grill brush, so it is safe for use with any Weber barbecue.

You need to be certain the BBQ is hot before you start, as this will make grill cleaning much easier. Then, just immerse the brush in the water and start scrubbing backwards and forwards in the direction of the grill grates. This will clean off the vast majority of the grease and mess, but you might find some remains in between the bars. If this is the case, just position the brush vertically, as shown, and you will be able to get at it easily. Because of the way the brush is designed, it’s also easy to clean along the side of the grill, as shown here. And the 18 inch long handle enables you to easily reach to the very back of the grill without burning your arms. Finally, cleaning the corners of the grill is no problem either.

Once you are done, to clean the brush all you need to do is rinse it in hot water for a few minutes. To speed things up, ensure you wash it as soon as you are done cleaning the barbecue. This way the grease will wash off more easily, as the bristles will still be hot.

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