gas stove & cooktop hob cleaning tips
How to clean and maintain a stainless steel gas hob on a stove or cooktop. For more information visit my website

Very important not to use any type of abrasives on the surface, whether it’s stainless steel or ceramic. This includes cream cleansers with abrasives in them, or an abrasive scourer such as scotchbrite.

There are many stainless cleaning products in your local supermarket, though a soft cleaning cloth and warm soapy water will work just as well. All stainless has a ‘grain’ running through it, much like timber, and it is important to rub, or wipe with your cloth, along with it to avoid scratching the surface.

Another thing to be careful of is the white, porcelain spark plugs that ignite the burners. They can become brittle after awhile and care should be used cleaning around them.

Thermocouples could be fitted also on the burner base, about the size of the spark plugs, but made of brass or steel. They are generally quite robust and do like to be clean for maximum efficiency.

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