Dust collector cartridge filter cleaning tips
What is the best way to clean your industrial dust collector? Pneuvay Engineering gives you nine best practices of maintaining your industrial dust collector filter. Read more http://bit.ly/dust-collector-cartridge-cleaning.

Pneuvay Engineering Pty Ltd provides a comprehensive approach in solving all your industrial air filtration issues in regards to dust collectors. One of the most important parts of the dust collector system is the filter, bag or cartridges. Learn the best practices in cleaning your filter from this video.

Best maintenance practice for dust collector filters, and cartridges

1. Do not underestimate your filter’s life by the way it looks.
2. Never hit a filter in an attempt to clean it.
3. Don’t remove an air filter from its housing simply to inspect it.
4. Immediately replace a worn or damaged gasket
5. Never substitute one filter with another one that has a different model number
6. Regularly check for air leaks in the ducting on both side of your dust collector or baghouse.
7. During filter replacement, check to ensure that there is no damage to the dust collector housing itself
8. Check any intake hoods and pre-cleaner devices during maintenance
9. Record all action item taken in your filter service records

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