Dollar Store Haul! (Cleaning Products) Shopping Tips for Staying Clean on a Budget: Clean My Space
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There’s a first time for everything, and this is my first haul video! Here, I’ll walk you through my excellent finds at Dollarama (here in Canada), my dollar store! I am sure you can find similar items at Dollar Tree or Dollar General in the US.



While I am not a fan of buying items because they are cheap and I *may* use them one day, I am a fan of saving money where I can. I inspect items for quality – especially at the dollar store – and if something looks reasonable for the price I am paying, I will go for it. If I sense the item is going to break, or end up being unused I won’t go for it. So again, I recommend with any purchase, to take a moment and think about it quickly before committing to a purchase.

Here’s what I bought:

1) Dish wands – these are great for the kitchen or shower cleaning. It came with a spare disposable head.

2) Squeegee – I have a good quality one at home and this one can go to Chad. I am interested to see how it compares quality-wise over time!

3) Delicates bag – this was a score considering they are closer to at a home store.

4) Containers with locking lids. I liked these for room deodorizers – I drilled a few holes in the top and now have these for drawers and rooms around the house. I’ll fill them with baking soda and a few drops of essential oils.

5) spice jars – our spice situation is all awry! These will hopefully help organize them and I’ll just write the spice type on the top of the jar (since I keep mine in a box). These are made from BPA-free plastic.

6) Kitty litter mat – I recall purchasing a very similar one at a big box pet store a while back for much more than a dollar. These are great for litter boxes to keep stray litter from kitty’s paws at bay.

7) Shelf liner – this is perfect for kitchen shelves and drawers. We use this around the house, so this was a perfect choice.

8) Scotch lint rollers! They are used all over the house to remove cat hair!

9) Mini rubbing alcohol spray bottle to be kept at a desk, under a kitchen sink, in the car, or even in the first aid kit!

I spend under for all of this goodness. Amazing!

Do you like Haul videos? If so, what stores should I do hauls at? Remember, I am in Canada so I will try my best to do hauls at shops which are accessible to me (unless you want to fly me down to your favorite store…!).


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