Binaural ASMR. Ear Peel Off Mask & Q-Tip Ear Cleaning ? (Latex Gloves, Tweezers, No Talking)
Hey guys, relax as I use a (face) mask on “your” ears and clean them with wet and dry Q-Tips afterwards.
A lot of you weren’t too happy about the ear cleaning in my pevious peel off mask video, because it was louder than the rest of the video. This should be fixed in this version, the Q-Tips aren’t that loud! Enjoy! 🙂

Old peel off mask video:

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—————– What is ASMR? —————-
ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a tingly feeling a lot of people get in their heads while listening to certain sounds such as whispering, tapping, scratching and many more. ASMR videos also help people to relax, calm down and sleep. Feel free to check out the following link for more information: