Best Glass Cleaning Tips and Tricks – Chemical Guys Two Towel Method & Signature Glass Cleaner
Do you find it difficult to clean glass in your car or home? Do your windows always end up with streaks and haze?

Proper glass cleaning techniques are seldom talked about, but having clean glass makes all the difference between a perfect detail, or a sub-par job. The secret to perfectly clear glass is all in the Chemical Guys Two Towel Method!

In the Chemical Guys Two Towel Method, the first towel scoops up dirt, debris, oil, and fingerprints, and the second towel buffs off any residual cleaner and dirt from the glass.

Use the Chemical Guys Two Towel Method for perfectly clear streak-free glass every time!


Cleaning the inside of windshields is a pain. Watch the video for the proper positioning and wrist-twist to easily clean any windshield!