20 Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks for Beginners
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In this video I share with you lots of polymer clay tips, tricks and hacks that I have learnt through my own experience and research! Please note that I’m not a professional and that I only do clay as a hobby- it is not a full time job. I have been doing clay for four years so all this is information that I’ve learnt along the way. This video is aimed at beginners and people who are wanting to start polymer clay, however some more experienced crafters may also learn something new! Some of the information may seem super obvious to some people, but when you’re first start out we all know that uncertainty all too well, so I wanted to include everything I could think of in one video for crafters to refer to!

Here is a list of topics mentioned throughout the video:
Mixing colours and brands
Adding eyepins, glitter, toothpicks and other details
Buying polymer clay
Storing your clay
Liquid polymer clay
Securing eyepins
Creating a works surface
Rolling out an even sheet
Creating your own tools
Colouring and shading your clay
How to soften clay
How to harden clay
Using cornstarch
Using sandpaper
Baking your charms
Broken charms
Burnt charms
Painting polymer clay
Cleaning your clay
Glazing your creations

Links to videos mentioned:
How to shade polymer clay video- http://youtu.be/dvKUTeW1iRE
PolymerClayTutor’s video- https://youtu.be/-J9ZivrqTu0

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