पुराने सिक्कों को साफ़ करने से होगा ये नुक्सान || Tips For Cleaning Coins || How to clean old coins
How to clean old and precious coins, Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your Coins with vinegar and baking soda.
सिक्कों को साफ़ कैसे करे, सिक्को को साफ़ करने का तरीका, कैसे साफ़ करें पुराने सिक्के…

Have you ever wondered about how you should clean your coins? Here’s the answer for you – don’t clean your coins! While it is instinct make old things look shiny and new again, like many people do with their antique cars, in the coin industry it’s best to let a coin stay in its natural state. Surprising to some, a simple cleaning can wreak terrible damage to a coin and permanently alter its natural appearance. There are many 19th-century coins that were cleaned way back in the 1800s that, to this day, still have detectable traces of its decades-old cleaning.

To understand why cleaning coins is so harmful, it’s important to understand the value of patina – the natural layer of toning that a coin acquires over the course of many years. This patina is actually the metal’s method of protecting itself against the environment.

Here are some examples of what coin patina looks like:

On copper coins, the patina usually is a light brown to deep chocolate, based on the age of the coin or its precise metallic composition.

Silver coins usually take on a light grey to deep brownish grey, with darker hues in the recessed portions of the coin.

Nickel coins may acquire a soft grey to dark grey, with darker toning in more protected areas of the coin.

Gold is generally the least reactive of metals in the coin realm, and older gold coins usually acquire a soft or warm yellow color over time.

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