Ten Ways to Clean Up Before Selling Your Home



Knowing what buyers expect while surveying your home can raise the chances of selling your house without a hassle. You should undertake several tasks in order to have your home ready for the market. But that’s not the only reason to why you should perform these duties. Primarily, keeping the house clean sustains the environment. For moral and environmental reasons, you should employ cleaning techniques to prep up your home before you transfer the ownership to a new caretaker. Cleanliness implies the premises have been well looked after and this spares you any negative scrutiny from potential buyers. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially the target of scrutiny. These two spots also reveal your hygiene concerns and practices. So, what are the tasks you should get around to before allowing any visitors in?

1. Repaint the walls, remove any stains and cover scratched walls. If you think you don’t have the budget to paint the walls, you can try your best to scrub the walls with detergents and remove the stains by using stain removers.

2. Clean rugs, carpets and mats if you’re intend to leave them behind. Try to eliminate stains from the carpet as much as you can. Disinfect the rooms, especially the bathroom.

3. Tidy up each room, line up boxes neatly if there are any. Empty out cabinets, closets and the garage and wipe them clean of any stains or residue collected on the surface of the shelves or doors. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company if these tasks appear to daunting to undertake on your own.

4. Get rid of clutter. Potential buyers usually do not see past dirt and litter. Having too many things displayed or scattered makes the house appear smaller and buyers can be put off by a lack of space. Keep the basement and the attic unoccupied and as spacious as possible. Usually, things lying around in places of the house that are less frequented can accumulate dirt and debris. Therefore, the less stuff you have at the time of moving out, the cleaner those places will be.

5. Get any repair needed in time before you hand over the keys. Replace broken hardware throughout your home or remove them entirely. Spend inexpensively on fixtures and replace old fixtures and doorknobs. This will lend a clean and tidy look to your home. Installing low flow fixtures everywhere in the house makes the functionality of these hardware popular, by having people realize the importance of conserving resources.

6. Install new bulbs that provide appropriate lighting. You can also use accent lighting to highlight specific areas in the home, such as artwork or any other attractive points.

7. Pay all your utility bills and any pending charges or fines.

8. Make sure you’ve inspected the house for any hazards. Doing so does not only ensure the safety of all occupants and visitors but also prevents you from being slammed with lawsuits resulting from negligence by clients who get hurt in the process of surveying.

9. Keep your grass in the backyard and front yard mowed and the yards well maintained.

10. If you’re a pet owner, make sure you always pick up after your pet and no pet waste is left visible to the public or any visitors.


Also check out a professional carpet cleaning for more help before you put your home on the market.

5 Things To Look For In Google Reviews


Reading and writing reviews about companies has never been easier due to the power of the internet. If you need a home contractor, a mechanic, and even a simple dog walker you can use the internet to find a person to complete this task and verify that they are the real deal. But with reviews, anyone can write them. For example, what if that review of the restaurant you are considering dining at states that the place is horrible, but the person that wrote that review was just having a bad day and wanted to take it out on the restaurant? This conflict has stumped the business world on how they should handle them. Here are 5 things you should look for in a good google review.

1. If the review is large that is a good sign. Many reviews online that are only a few sentences long or even a sentence long as “That place sucks!” are generally not very good reviews and should not be considered very factual. Writers that have multi-paragraph reviews should be more trusted because they actually took the time out of their day to type up the review.

2. If the review is detailed that’s another good sign. This correlates with number 1 in that if the length is good and detailed then it is a good review. Details also verify that the writer actually used the product or service described.

3. If the review mentions physical attributes such as the restaurant has a certain lighting or style scheme the review is generally a good one. This verifies that the customer actually went to the place of business. A reviewer that can not mention the physical features probably did not even go to the place in the first place and is just spamming.

4. Look for a verified purchase icon. Several companies like Amazon are now allowing reviewers to verify that they actually bought the product and the review is genuine. This is huge considering fake reviews are becoming big business on the internet.

5. The last point is a simple question: Is this review emotion or fact-driven? When reading a review it is good to decide if the reviewer sounds emotional. A good example of this is if the reviewer is using explanation points a lot in the review it is generally not a very trustworthy review.

There are 5 tips on what to look for in a review. Next time you need to see how a product or service is going, feel free to use them!  These same things apply to even selecting a cleaning business for your home.

The Expected Results When A Certified Professional Is Hired To Clean The Upholstery In A Home


Many individuals use a professional cleaner for any upholstered furniture. This is generally necessary every one to two years due to pet dander, food particles, soil, and various debris becoming trapped within the upholstery. This will cause stains, odors, discoloration, and can breed mold, and bacteria. A certified technician will remove any foreign materials, and restore the piece to the original color, and appearance.

The treatment used for the upholstery depends on the material it was made with. The treatment for an upholstery sofa is basic, and begins by the receiving a deep vacuum. This removes any lose soil from the sofa. The technician then uses a deep treatment using either encapsulation, or steam technology. Both treatments effectively remove the soil trapped deeply into the sofa. The result is a fresh clean look, a nice smell, and an improved appearance. The risk of bacteria, or mold in the sofa is greatly reduced.

Another popular material for a sofa is leather. Since leather is more fragile than upholstery, a different approach is required. Any loose dirt, or soil is removed by a certified professional, to prevent the leather from being scored or scratched later. Particles do not penetrate as deeply into leather as they do with upholstery. The surface of the leather is then washed by the technician using either water, and chemicals, or a gentle detergent. This is often followed up with a restorative oil to protect the leather, and improve the appearance. Since leather is technically a dried animal hide, regularly applying special conditioners, or oil will keep it supple.

The proper cleaning of both leather, and upholstered furniture should always be attended to by a certified professional. This is because they can both present their own set of complications, and once contaminants have deeply penetrated the upholstery, professional equipment is required for removal. A certified technician also does not need to use harsh chemicals in the elimination of odors, and stains so the furniture will not be discolored. Leather furniture especially requires extensive care, and experience is necessary for the job to be done correctly. Since leather is made from animal hides, every piece will have a different reaction to conditioners, and detergents.

Once the upholstery, or leather furniture has been professionally treated, and cleaned, all odors should be gone, the majority of stains should have been removed, and there is generally a noticeable difference in the appearance of the furniture.

The Best Way To Choose A Vacuum For A Home


Choosing the right vacuum clearer is important, and dependent on the needs of the individual home. Specialized attachments are handy when the home has high ceilings, ceiling fans, or complex light features. These attachments will provide the flexibility, and reach to perform well for this type of job.

Another consideration is carpeted stairs. The best way to vacuum stairs is with a canister because using attachments, or an upright can be awkward. For homes without stairs, and a smooth carpeting, an upright vacuum will work very well. Many homes have a combination of flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting, and areas rugs. Depending on the fibers of the rugs, and the type of traffic, specific canisters are available.

When the carpet is made of a synthetic fiber, and there are high traffic areas, a vacuum with aggressive bristles will work best. This type of vacuum uses stiff, dense bristles, and a beater bar so the dirt is removed from the carpet. Hair from dogs, or cats requires an aggressive vacuum. For a home with relatively low-traffic, a less aggressive vacuum will work extremely well.

The type of carpet in the home is vital in the choice of a vacuum. Most modern carpet is constructed from synthetic fibers, is durable, and can easily withstand an aggressive vacuum without damaging the fibers. Natural fibers require a gentler vacuum. Many Oriental area rugs are made of wool, and a gentle vacuum is necessary to prevent damage. The bristles should be forgiving, flexible, and not as densely packed to prevent premature wear, and a fuzzing effect. This type of carpet is best cleaned with a carpet tool using only suction.

Area rugs made of bamboo, jute, leather, sea grass, and sisal are woven, and durable. Despite this, their construction still requires softer bristles. Most rugs have care instructions from the manufacturer to help narrow down the best type of vacuum. Following these instructions will help your rug stay in optimal condition for much longer.

The general rule is for rugs, and carpeting made of a synthetic fiber, use an aggressive vacuum. This can be either an upright, or a canister. When rugs, or carpeting are constructed of natural fibers, or wool, forgiving, and flexible bristles combine with a power brush will properly clean without causing damage to the fibers. The more flexible, and soft bristles are usually available on a canister vacuum, although there are uprights with the same features.  If you need a professional cleaner in cleveland check our Rejuva Clean.

Best Ways to Dust your home


Is your home slowly becoming a dust-filled mess? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that suffers from a dirty home. To help you get started on cleaning your home, here are the best ways to dust your home.

1. Don’t Feel Embarrassed

At some point or another, your home is going to get dirty, it’s nothing to feel ashamed of. Especially in older homes, where windows and doors aren’t as tightly sealed around the frame, dust is bound to start collecting in your home. However, if you’re noticing an especially large amount of dust buildup, we suggest that you take a few steps of action, such as changing the filters in your AC units, cleaning out your furnace, and using sealant caulk on your windows and doors.

2. Work With the Best Tools

A dusting cloth or dusting brush is a great, easy to use tool to help clean dust off surfaces in your home. Extension wand dusters are especially important to use when dusting a hard to reach space, such as the top of cabinets. However, we suggest you avoid feather dusters altogether, since they usually just end up moving dust around, rather than actually collecting it.

3. Start High

Begin your dusting routine with the ceiling fan. Then, work your way lower until you reach the floor.

4. Schedule Time to Dust

Consider making weekly, monthly, and yearly dusting schedules. This way, the dust in your home will never get too out of hand.

5. Dust Everything

No matter what it is made from, every object in your home can collect dust. Even fabric products (see more below) will need to be cleaned in hot water to remove dust and dirt.

6. Wet Your Rag

When dusting, dampen your rag or microfiber cloth with a little bit of water.

7. HEPA Filters

Get a vacuum cleaner that comes with a HEPA filter. To reduce dust in your home, you should also purchase a HEPA air purifier with allergen filters.

8. Wash Fabrics

Linens, curtains, and other fabrics also collect dust and allergens. You should get them cleaned regularly. You should also purchase allergen-proof covers for your mattress and pillows. Also, schedule your rugs to be deep cleaned professionally every year.

9. Dusting Electronics

Some electronics like TVs and computer screens give off a lot of static electricity, which then attracts a lot of dust. Avoid spraying your appliances with any type of product. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to wipe them down.

10. Purchase a Door Mat

Around 80 percent of dirt gets into a home by being tracked in on shoes. Put down a door mat and clean it regularly to reduce the amount of dirt in your home.

It’s amazing how much dust and dirt get into your carpet as well.  For more information check out the website on carpet cleaning in San Luis Obispo County

4 Ways To Get The Dust Out Of Your House

No matter what your living condition is, one thing everyone is sure to gain around their house or apartment is dust. Dust is inevitable. However, the more you clean and the better effort put forth in keeping things clean, the less dust there is to collect. Below are four of the best ways to keep your living space sparkling and keep the dust bunnies out:

Deep Cleaning
Set a time, set a day and get to cleaning! Bring out all the cleaning supplies under the sink and get to scrubbing hard. Clean every corner, focusing on every spot dust is usually collected. Do tasks like dusting off furniture items outside, washing bedding materials, clean things like ceiling fans, air conditioning vents, and any spots home owners would not usually think to clean. Be thorough in your cleaning execution and make sure to get all the dust. Deep cleaning may take some time but the end result will be awesome!

Vacuum the Crib
Vacuums are known as one of the top cleaning maintenance tool out there. When the floors of house are hit with a vacuum often, dust tends to make its way out of the cleaned area. Carpets are incubators for dust given its attaching fabric, so the use of a vacuum could easily make the dust bunnies run away. Vacuums are easy to use, inexpensive and very effective when it comes to cleaning – especially if you have a carpet in your house.

Keep the Floor Clean
Clutter piled up on the floor for long periods of time are a no-no when attempting to put a guard up against dust. Simply by reducing the amount of items on the floor, it also lessens the amount of dust accumulated over time. Home owners often believe cleaning around the area solves the problem but in fact the problem remains until things are completely removed from the floor.

Use The Right Cleaning Materials
Using the right materials to clean dust is essential. Using tools like feather dusters could cause even more problems while cleaning. Feather dusters don’t collect all of the dust, it just leads it to set up shop elsewhere. However, tools like vacuums, wet cloths, or specific surface cleaners are great for the ultimate cleaning.

There you have it. Four terrific ways dust your home and give it a fresh and clean vibe.

Here’s some more Info on Carpet Cleaning that helps keep dust down in your home.

Dusting Your Home: The Best Ways To Do It


Dusting your home is an important factor when it comes to having a clean home. Dust not only makes a house look bad, it can also trigger allergies, create stuffy or runny noses, and cause expensive electronics to not work properly. Dusting a home is easy to carry out and doesn’t a lot of time if you learn how to do it correctly. Below we have listed some of the best ways to dust your home that will give you a dust free home in no time.

Dusting Basics

If dusting on a regular basis is already occurring in your home than you will be able to get most the dusting done with a microfiber cloth or a soft cloth. By gently running the dry cloth over a lightly dusted surface, it will collect the dust within the cloths fibers preventing it from flying through the air. In addition, you can use a feather duster with an extended handle to dust high up surfaces such as shelves, ceiling fan blades, ceilings or ceiling corners, and along curtain rods. It’s important to remember that anytime you dust, you always dust from top to bottom. If you dust from bottom to top, the dust up above will fall back down on the lower surfaces that you previously cleaned.

However, if dusting hasn’t occurred recently, you will need to put a small amount of water on the microfiber or soft cloth before you begin dusting a surface. This is because a thick layer of dust will not properly stick into the cloths fibers. Leaving the dust to fly into the air and getting dust on surfaces surrounding it. You never want to spray water directly on the surface you are cleaning. This could cause furniture to have water spots or damage in internal parts of electronics making them not work correctly.

Deep Cleaning

For homes that need a deep clean, there are several ways to do it. First, before dusting a surface you should always remove all the items from it. Dust each separate item and then the surface area before putting the items back on it. If you have small spaces such as vents or keyboards that are dusty, you can use a dry or slightly damp Q-tip to reach those otherwise unreachable places. Moreover, there are some surfaces that you can use special cleaners to dust them instead of water. You can dust wood surfaces by using a wood polish or wood cleaner sprayed directly on the cloth. For glass surfaces, windex or other forms of glass cleaner are great for dusting the surfaces. Be sure to use the proper cleaner for the right surfaces to avoid damaging wood or causing streaky glass.

Another great way to keep dust under control is to have your carpets deep cleaned regularly. The best way to do this is is to hire a professional company such as a carpet cleaner in St. Augustine, FL.

House Cleaning: Best Tips For a Stay At Home Mom On How to get things done efficiently


The most important part of keeping a clean house while staying at home with your kids is to be organized and not too hard on yourself. Cleaning is a bit like raking your yard in the fall, you can do it perfectly and then the wind blows. For stay at home Mom’s the wind that blows is usually the little ones waking up from naps or coming in from outside. Who hasn’t finished shining the bathroom faucet to see the fingerprints of little ones only moments later. Being organized and creating a strategy can help keep order to the chaos and make cleaning a lot easier.

Clear it Up
Clutter is probably the worst culprit when it comes to cleaning. Seeing a room filled with clutter can give the impression that the room is dirty when in fact it just needs straightening. The first and most important job is to clear the clutter. Dirty clothes go to the laundry, trash in the trash, crayons and toys get put in their respective place. Once the room is picked up, the actual cleaning can begin.

High to Low
When cleaning it’s important to remember to start high and end low. When dusting furniture, shelves, ceiling fans and tops of doorways starting high is the best way because the dust will fall and you won’t have to do it twice. Wood furnishings can be dusted with a furniture polish or if you prefer no polish; a good microfiber cloth, or duster (feather/microfiber) can be used. Mirrors and glass can be cleaned easily with a good glass cleaner and paper towel or you can use vinegar, and hot water and a squeegee. The squeegee takes some practice but saves time and money when mastered. Now wiping windowsills, and baseboards can be done with a damp cloth that has been dipped in hot water and a nice smelling cleaning solution. This can make a huge difference in a room.

Those Floors
Vacuuming in carpeted rooms is the last step in cleaning. Always vacuum your way right out the door and give a little antibacterial squirt to the doorknobs as you leave. On hardwood floors it is best to vacuum first. By vacuuming first you won’t have to worry about spreading dirt and hair with your mop. Have your kids become part of the action too by letting them vacuum the corners or push the vacuum back and forth. Mopping is different depending on what material your floor is made of. Again, mop your way out of the room and let it dry without those little footprints running through it.

Five Habits That Result In A Cleaner Home


Creating a clean home is quite difficult unless you using a plan that results in overall cleanliness. You have quite a few choices when creating your house-cleaning schedule, and this article explains five ways in which you may make your home clean. A clean and fresh home will shine every day once you have taken steps to clean everything. This article shares a story of cleaning your home on a sensible schedule.

#1: Cleaning Regularly

Regular scheduling for household chores ensures they are completed in a timely manner. You need not wait for your chores to overwhelm you when you may read the calendar. The calendar may have chores for everyone in the house, and you will complete the chores on your schedule. The house stays clean because everything is cleaned in a predictable manner.

#2: Use Natural Cleaners

Natural cleaning products are quite helpful because they do not leave a residue when you are finished cleaning. The cleaners will clean dirt and grime, but nothing is left in its place. You do not need the sticky texture that you feel when the chemicals in your regular cleaners are still on the surface. Your kitchen counters, carpets, floors and walls will remain sticky for quite some time if you have not cleaned them properly. Natural cleaners avoid a poor odor and texture.

#3: Use Better Machines

The machines used to clean your home must be quite powerful if you plan to clear large areas at once. You may purchase a carpet cleaner, steamer or vacuum that will work on any surface, and you may use the device for any purpose in the home. You are cleaning with something made for those who work on cleaning every day, and you will see a difference when you stop. The home has never been as clean as it is when you use a quality device.

#4: Clean With Purpose

You must understand how your house becomes dirty, and you will learn quickly which parts of the house are the most dirty during the week. Ensure you have cleaned every portion of the house completely before moving on. The home is not truly clean if you clean it halfway, and you will see the results when the house is allowed to pile up dirt and filth. Check your results as you clean, and you will see your home sparkle at the end of every day.

Think About Drying Time When You Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Have you ever washed some clothes and forgotten to put them in the dryer? Maybe you’ve washed some clothes and put them out to dry the old-fashioned way, only to find out the drying took longer than normal. Maybe it rained, or perhaps the weather wasn’t suitable. What was the result? Indeed, the clothes start to smell, and mold can then start to set in afterward.

When getting your carpets cleaned, of course they need time to dry, but they need to dry in a timely manner. Otherwise, you could end up running into a bigger problem than you had before. Water damage or carpets that stay moist too long after cleaning can not only bring mold and a smell, but the carpet adhesive can rot as well.

This will bring a further smell, plus it will have deteriorated the carpeting. The carpet will be loose and shift every which way. Of course drying times can vary based on a variety of different factors, so the best thing is to know what to expect based on your specific situation so that you don’t run into any problems.

One thing you can do is to help facilitate the drying on your own. For instance, you can have your air conditioner running, even higher than normal, so that your carpeting dries quicker. If you have any ceiling fans, it’s good to have them on so that the air can be better circulated as well. http://unitedcarpetcare.com/

You can always utilize some box fans, and nice cool and dry days without humidity are ideal for choosing to make an appointment. You can also have your doors and windows open to help the drying process happen more quickly. And, you should realize that the equipment used can have something to do with your carpets being more wet after the cleaning. So, choose the carpet cleaning company wisely and consider the equipment they are using.

Fleas and Bugs

When you vacuum your carpets and clean your upholstery, you might not even be aware that fleas are hiding deep in those fibers. They enter the home by way of pets and look for warm dark places to breed. If left untreated you could have hundreds of fleas within a very short period of time in the home. Our professional team at Universal Maintenance and Cleaning have years experience at treating and removing those fleas from all areas of the home.

The reason the fleas are so hard to get rid of is because they are impossible to see and they hid in your furniture. Not too many people vacuum their furniture often, and those eggs only need a short period of time to begin to spread. Your pet will act like a carrier, bringing the fleas inside from when they play outside. As soon as your pet sits or even rubs up against a couch, the fleas look for a safe place they can hide.

Our team at Universal Maintenance and Cleaning will treat your carpet and furniture with our organic cleaning solutions, tough enough to kill the fleas but never harm your belongings. It is important to use the proper equipment too because the fleas are so tiny they can easily escape a canister vacuum when turned off.

The end result after our team has treated your home is there will be no more fleas hiding and breeding. Your pets will simply need a flea collar or treatment to protect them, and then you can take back control of your home.

Carpet Cleaning Advice

Why Everyone Should Vacuum Their Home On A Regular Basis

Vacuuming is one of those tasks that nobody wants to perform.  After all, it requires lugging a heavy appliance around the home.  Sadly, everybody needs to vacuum regardless of how unattractive the task may seem.

Why is Vacuuming So Important?

Every day people and animals track dirt into the home.  This dirt can consist of soil, dust, small pieces of garbage and other substances.  If one does not vacuum, dirt remains on the carpet.

So what is the problem?  Some people are happy just to let the dirt sit there.  Listed below are a few reasons why this is not a good idea.

–  Exposure to this bacteria could be harmful to the health.  This is especially true for those with weak immune systems.

–  Letting dust gather could result in dust mites getting into the carpet.  Anyone with a dust mite allergy will find being in the home uncomfortable.  Allergic problems may be resolved by simply vacuuming on a regular basis.

–  Dirty floors are not a good look.  Not only will residents dislike the way their floors look, guests will also notice that the resident has not vacuumed for a long time.

Ideally, residents will vacuum their house twice a week.  If this is not possible, they should vacuum whenever they have time.  Vacuuming combined with dusting can relieve a lot of allergy and bacteria related problems.

A professional cleaning service should also be used once in a while.  This will remove the dirt that is so embedded in the carpets that the vacuum cleaner cannot remove it.

While professional cleaning is more expensive than simply vacuuming the house, it is also more effective.  A professional clean gets bacteria out of the carpet so that it can once again absorb dirt that would otherwise be in the air.

It’s always important to find a cleaner that is responsible  They prove to have training, knowledge and can help in ways to ensure your home’s carpet will look great and nothing will be harmed during the cleaning process.


Some people do house repairs as well when they are going thru the cleaning process.  A lot of people tend to forget about their roofs and what condition they maybe in.  It’s very important to hire the roofing contractor to do the correct things to ensure the roof stays stable and up to codes.  Roofs last long if they are being taken care of.  If you need any more information on roofs and their maintenance -> Click Here

8 Tips for Fall Deep Cleaning



Fall is an excellent time to deep clean your home and prepare for the holiday season. Over the course of the summer, plenty of dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens are brought indoors and settle into carpet and furniture, leaving noses and sinuses irritated long after the heat has faded into a refreshing autumn breeze.


These eight tips will help you rejuvenate your space so your home feels blissfully clean and refreshing as the new season settles in.


Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner


Although you can do plenty of good work on your own with the right vacuum and steam cleaner, a professional carpet cleaning service is the best way to preserve your floors and ensure that all of the dirt, pet hair and allergens lurking in the fibers are thoroughly removed.


Many carpet cleaning companies offer special deals during the fall and winter that allow you to clean your whole house for an incredibly low price. If you hire a professional now, you’ll be able to maintain the clean carpet throughout fall.


Go to http://www.rudyscarpet.com/ for more information. 


Scrub the Walls


Turn your attention to your walls now so they can be spic and span for autumn. Cleaning walls can be tricky in some homes, especially when you realize that your paint is coming off on the sponge. Make sure you use a gentle cleaner, non-abrasive cloth and some lukewarm water.


When cleaning your walls, make sure that you keep the cleaning cloth damp, not soaked, to avoid permeating the walls and leaving excess moisture that creates water stains or leads to mold growth.


Get the Roof Checked


Having a professional roof inspection and gutter cleaning will ensure your home is ready for the fall weather. Storms, falling leaves, and eventual snow can cause far more damage than necessary if you haven’t had your roof and gutters properly assessed. This fall to-do list will also save you money in the fall as roof repairs can prevent heat loss that raises energy bills.


Get the Dog Groomed


A professional grooming will remove dirt and excess fur from your pet’s undercoat to reduce shedding throughout the fall. While your dog is at the groomer’s, you’ll be able to thoroughly clean their bedding and the carpets with some pet deodorizers to make sure the house is smelling as fresh as they are by the time they’re ready to come home.


Take Care of the Lawn


Mow the grass, cut any overgrown shrubs and trees and tend to your garden. Autumn is the best time to plant spring bulbs, so if you want to have a lovely, landscaped home for your guests to see as they arrive throughout the holiday season, now is the time. Don’t forget to add your decorations after you’ve raked, mowed and clipped any foliage!


Clean the Curtains


Make sure you remove your curtains and wash them; dust, danger and bacteria can gather in the fabric, lowering your indoor air quality and contributing to pesky home odors. You may even want to swap your curtains to a heavier, thermal fabric that can retain more heat as the weather becomes colder.


Get the Vents Cleaned


Replace your HVAC’s air filter, and call your local contractor to have a professional cleaning done. Moisture leads to bacteria build-up, and it will be difficult to keep your house smelling clean if your heater is blowing dirty air.


Focus on Social Areas First


Clean your living room, kitchen, dining room, main bathroom and guest rooms first. The places you and company will spend the most time should be addressed now so you aren’t scrambling to declutter and clean up before an event.


Fall is a wonderful time to gather friends and family over, and you can destress any event by making sure your home’s most popular areas are always clean, neat and tidy.

Get Ready for Spring! 5 Tips for Deep Cleaning

Spring is finally here. Now is the time to get your home really clean and do some spring cleaning throughout every single room. If you want to really deep clean your home, then utilize the following tips. If you still have questions, visit SteamAuthority.com for more information!

Use A Toothbrush To Get In Between The Cracks And Crevices

Toothbrushes aren’t just for teeth. You can use one to clean all of the cracks and crevices in your home.

Pay Attention To The Windows

Many individuals forget about the windows when spring cleaning. Spend some time cleaning the windows on both the inside and outside of your home.

Get On Your Knees And Looks Around

It’s difficult to see dirt and buildup under your furniture. You can easily spot areas that need to be cleaned by getting on your knees and looking around.

Don’t Forget Your Appliances

Your appliances need to be cleaned too during spring cleaning. This includes the stove, dishwasher and refrigerator.

Do A Room To Room Spot Check

There may be numerous items in your home that have stains on them that need to be cleaned. Go from room to room to check for spots on your sofa, beds, pillows and chairs.

In conclusion, spring cleaning is a great way to get your home is really clean. Utilize the above tips if you want to deep clean every room. Just remember that it may take more than one day to spring clean every single area in your home, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Tips For Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Tips For Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

When you want to maintain the carpets in your home or business, it is essential to call a company that has knowledgeable technicians. Using the wrong cleansers or equipment on carpets can damage the fibers or backing. It is also vital to have carpets dried right away to prevent foul odors from mildew or having mold grow in the fibers. If you have never hired a carpet-cleaning company before, then there are several ways to find the best technicians for your needs.

Tip 1: Seek Recommendations From Friends or Business Associates

Talk to your friends and business associates about the carpet-cleaning companies that they hire. Some of the information that you will want to know about is if the technicians arrived promptly for a scheduled appointment and if they acted in a professional manner. In some cases, you need to hire a company that provides service at night or on the weekends so that you won’t need to close a law firm or medical office during the day.

Tip 2: Is the Carpet-cleaning Company Licensed In Your Region?

Verify that the carpet-cleaning company is licensed in your region. You can usually find licensing information at an online website, but you can also call a government office to determine if the company is registered. In addition to licensing information, you can learn if the company has any major complaints against it from previous customers.

Tip 3: Does the Company Have Insurance and Bonding?

You will want to hire a company that has bonding and insurance. When the carpet-cleaning company has insurance, you can avoid a lawsuit for a technician’s injuries caused by a fall. Alternatively, bonding will protect you financially when a technician damages something on your property. Bonding will also protect you from problems such as the theft of valuable items, including jewelry or electronics.

Tip 4: Can You Receive a Written Estimate For Services?

While you might receive an advertisement in the mail for low-cost services from a carpet-cleaning company, it is possible that the technicians will increase the cost of the job after arriving at a commercial or residential property. Determine if the company can send a technician to your business or home to inspect the carpets before providing a written estimate for services.

Tip 5: Do the Technicians Understand How To Provide Specialty Services?

If you need specialty services for particular types of carpet fibers such as silk or wool, then make sure that the carpet-cleaning company has the correct cleansers and equipment for the job. You may also need specialty services such as removing extra debris from high traffic areas near doorways, or you might need to have unpleasant pet odors removed from a building’s carpets.


How To Clean Tawa:Tip:Cleaning Oil Layer formed Tawa/Dosa Pan-Easy Way To Clean Tawa In 5 minutes

How To Clean Tawa:Tip:Cleaning Oil Layer formed Tawa/Dosa Pan-Easy Way To Clean Tawa In 5 minutes
Today I am going to show you a very easy way to clean tawa/pan/dosa pan.
First heat the pan on high flame and scratch oil layer formed with knife and remove oily wastage. Don’t clean with water immediately after cleaning the oil wastage with knife on pan, because the remaining oily substance will stick on to the pan.

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How to clean kitchen cabinets – landlord kitchen cleaning tips

How to clean kitchen cabinets – landlord kitchen cleaning tips
We’ve been working with Harriet, owner of Calm Oasis Cleaners and Simply Business customer, to create a series of DIY videos to help your rental property sparkle for its next viewing.

Kitchen cabinets can often be overlooked in favour of the really noticeable features like hobs, ovens, and sinks. However, discerning tenants are likely to check your cabinets to check if they would be happy storing their food and utensils in them.

We’ve broken down how to clean kitchen cabinets into 6 easy steps:
1. Spray your cabinets with a multi-surface cleaner to help shift any gunk on them
2. Spray your cloth, as well, before getting to work removing built up dirt
3. Make sure to clean the top of the cabinets as this is where grease can collect
4. Wipe down with a dry rag to remove any residue
5. Mix half distilled vinegar with half water and spray on the cabinets before buffing with your rag to make your cabinets shine
6. If you have any moulding or other shaping on your cabinets, you can use a toothbrush to clean the crevices

For more information on how to clean kitchen cabinets, read the full article on our blog: https://www.simplybusiness.co.uk/knowledge/articles/2017/10/how-to-clean-kitchen-cabinets/

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Top 6 Jewelry Care & Cleaning Tips from Kay Jewelers

Top 6 Jewelry Care & Cleaning Tips from Kay Jewelers
Cecelia shows you the top 6 jewelry care & cleaning tips for keeping your jewelry safe and looking new.

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Top 6 Jewelry Care & Cleaning Tips from Kay Jewelers